If you rejected someone, and met them in the future and seeing how much they've changed and who they are do you regret not dating them?

I only ask, because in high school there was a girl who told me to fuck off when I asked her out. Now 6 years later I am a successful doctor and considered attractive by many (women approach me at the grocery store, mall, or work place), and I ran into this girl from high school and she won't stop texting me. She also continuously asks me to hangout with her. So is this a common occurrence or no?

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  • shit happens all the time


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What Girls Said 2

  • Not necessarily because even if they change there's no guarantee I'll be more attracted to them.

  • I have had the opposite. I got rejected in High School for being fat and ugly. I lost the weight and grew into my looks. I've run into quite a few of those guys when I visit my old town. Some have expressed interest in me. I've said no. They were the ones who were very mean to me. Sure they have grown up, but it's hard to forget the bullying they put me through for not being attractive.


What Guys Said 1

  • Girls dig u when you're comfortable in ur own skin. It may be due to a change in how u carry urself such as confidence. Social status doesn't really affect much, unless they're gold/fame diggers.