What to do if guys keep rejecting you :( ?

I spent much of my early 20's waiting for a guy to approach me. I don't have any bad habits or think of myself exclusive. I'm just a simple girl. Most guys look at me but don't come to even talk. :(

So i decided to ask guys myself and i keep getting rejected, I've tried being confidant but not enough to scare them. I try and be myself but the same thing happens all the time. Its changed my view on guys, as i always believed guys would pursue girl and want a girl in his life.

I'd probably rate myself a 6.5/10. Guys do you have any tips for me? Any help would be grateful.


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  • Perhaps you should leave the asking out to us lol. The first is thing is to show some interest by flirting. If the guy flirts back then he is interested. You can easily test straight off the bat whether he would be interested or not by just smiling or waving at him or some flirty signal, then if he responds positively then you know he is interested. That way you know it may actually be worth your time to continue the interaction. If you just pursue pursue and then ask randomly without any indication, then you've wasted a lot of time to just get rejected.

    You can usually tell if he would be interested but may not approach bc he is shy. If you are confident enough then you can approach him.

    • okay, thanks for those tips. I often might smile at a girl if i walked past and he would smile too, but i'm not sure if that counts?

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    • Just look at his eyes. If he is looking at you a lot, staring at boobs or ass lol. Makes an effort to be around you or talks to you and makes a general effort then thats a good enough sign. Usually the guy will do the pursuing anyway so just be cool and have a good personality and look pretty.

    • Okay, thank you for the helpful advice. I will try that next time. :)

  • As I answered in another post, rejection is just part of life. Guys on average get rejected 90% of the time. It's a numbers game, and we know it.

    What else do you do in life? What drives you? What are your goals? Pursue those with all of your energy. Make a life for yourself. Like attracts Like, and you will find someone along those lines who share your drive and your goals.

    • Yes, without more details/info this is also my answer: getting rejected a lot is completely normal when you start approaching people yourself. I wonder if the Asker may be misinterpreting some signs of shyness as rejection though...

    • i have been doing that for most of my years, but guys still don't show interest. And i i want to have a family one day, i feel like i'm approaching my biological limit fairly quickly

  • Just walk up to guys and talk to them don't ask them just talk to them and they will ask you out


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