Why do girls give such shitty dating advice?

All my girl friends always say shit like "be yourself, have confidence and tell her the truth" like um ok how the fuck is that helping at all?

Then my guy friends just tell me to be funny and cocky which is confusing because they can't get girls either.

Why can't I get REAL advice on what to do and aim for?


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  • Obviously be honest and you. Lying is stupid because the truth is going to come out anyway. And then you're back to square one, but with the added reputation of being a fake.

    • Lol seriously? No one pretends to be James Bond or some other "cool" guy. Being yourself is useless advice because I'm already myself

    • People pretend quite a lot. They lie about their ages, virginity, ethnicity, etc. just to get what they want. Hence the reason a lot of people have trust issues.

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  • Lol because all of these are generalizations so they never help in the specific situations with the individual people you meet.


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  • You will get the best dating advice by just doing reading on gender psychology

    A principle called "sexual dimorphism" is key

    • So basically google is my savior

    • Rather not. Anyone can write anything on the internet. A real book would be much much better

      -maybe a peek at sociology could help as well:
      In most societies, women have lower self-esteem than men on average (except for the Dutch society- the Netherlands has the highest share of female workers world wide, which is greatly due to how they are raised and socialized )

      If you take a look at girls raised in the US, you'll notice much different patterns of behavior or expectations from their side respectively.

      Also consider that "pick up artists" alongside magazines like "Men's Health" are made by an industry that doesn't want you to achieve your actual goal since all they want is your money (actually it's Mens' Health - they even got this wrong, see

      Also never listen to underage people giving you "dating advice" since teenagers live in a different world anyway most of the time

    • Oh, and as to "being yourself" - anyone can improve themselves, things like "confidence" can be learned - maybe begin with reflecting on who you are first for a just a while

  • For me being myself, and being confident does work! Finding common ground is also a really good place to start, becausebthen you can have a good two way conversation.

    • See the finding common ground part is the type of advice I need.

    • Good glad I could help a little!