What should I do about a boy?

So there is this guy I am attracted to and we don't have classes together but we see each other in the hallway all the time and kind of stare at each other. My friends think I should message him but I'm afraid of being rejected and I want to say hi in the hall but I get nervous and don't want to make him uncomfortable:/ what do you think I should do?


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  • "but I'm afraid of being rejected"
    1) Then don't be.

    "what do you think I should do?"
    Refer to (1).

    Can't you talk after school?

    • No I don't ever see him after school or anything and I don't know like my friends boyfriend messaged her first when she didn't even know him in person and stuff but I just don't want to be awkward or anything.

  • Say hi

  • You should wait for him to make the first move, its better than getting rejected in hallway or try to speak to him when, he is isolated from his friend.

    • Yeah but I am friends with one of his friends he has known his whole life and she said he has absolutely no game and doesn't know how to get girls 😂

    • He is the kind, that need to be asked first. Do it when he is isolated. Your friend can play his part and you can have little chat with him.

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