Has he lost interest?

About 6-7 weeks ago I met this guy (we are both in our late 30s) and we hit it off. Great chemistry - he seemed smitten. We typically meet up a couple times each week and text almost everyday (little things like "good morning" or "how is the day going"). He has done several nice things for me that were kind of out of his way and very thoughtful. We have slept together but before that we did agree to be monogamous/exclusive, but not much more than that. I thought that was appropriate because we haven't known each other for very long. He has initiated about 85%-90% of texts, calls, dates and I always respond quickly. I do initiate texts/dates 10%-15% of the time. Things seemed to be good! BUT... he hasn't asked to see me in nearly two weeks. He still texts me everyday. I did ask him to meet up a few days ago but he had to cancel because of work (he is often on-call for his work). He apologized and called me later that same day, but he hasn't tried to reschedule. I do know his job is a bit busy and stressful right now. Today I texted him to ask when he might have some free time and he said he would call later... Yikes.

I think he has lost interest but I am confused as to why he is then keeping up the pretense with daily texts and calls - like everything is fine. Is he losing interest? Am I over thinking this? Can I (nicely - not antagonistically!) ask him if he is ghosting/doing the slow fade/not interested in this any more? Confused!

He didn't call when he said he would, but did apologize the next day. I finally decided to ask him out on a specific day later this week. He said he would have to get back to me after he check his schedule. He texted a little joke today but nothing about confirming the date.

To me, that is a pretty clear sign he has not only lost interest but is stringing me along. Right?


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  • I think you made a quick judgment because you're overly concerned. You can't say that he lost interest because there's no indication to that. As for now, the only thing I can tell you is to always try and refresh the relationship with new things.

    • I've asked him about meeting up on Thursday, but he had to "check his schedule." While he did text today, he hasn't confirmed Thursday.

      I think I need to move on.

What Girls Said 1

  • I think he is starting to lose interest.

    • Thanks - that is what I thought.

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