I've a crush on someone, any advice?

Alright, full story. I came across someone's profile on a dating site, we had a high match, 95%. I find them really really cute, they seem like a cool person, and we have very similar views on subjects. I've only been in one relashionship in the past, which lasted for years. So now I'm uncertain if I should say anything about this, YET, or wait? We have talked for a week soon, only chatted though


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  • Settle down, you've only talked to them over the internet. Doesn't mean it can't get serious, and you should pursue the relationship if you feel that's right, but I would video chat first to actually know that they're who they claim to be.


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  • Keep talking to him, spend time with him, tease him, wear provocative clothes around him.

    • I'm pretty sure you didn't read my full description 😅

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