What should I say to my ex if I want to get back together after all this time?

We broke up 7 months ago. He has agreed to meet. I was angry and wanted him to explain to me why we broke up and why he treated me so awful after the break up. But, if I want him back I now realize that I shouldn't get too heavy or negative. So, how do I talk to him or convince him to want me again? I will be talking to him and there's no persuading me from trying to get together with my ex so..


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  • You two broke up for a reason. So assuming that you can win him back is your first mistake here. You need to be ready , willing and able to start all over from scratch, with no expectations of it being permanent; hoping it will is fine , but expecting is out of line

    • I know I'm willing to do that but how should I go about talking to him about this? A lot of damage was done post break up by him mostly because people were starting tumors that I was cheating on him. Do I clear this up first? How do I delicately go about this and what should I tell him?

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    • If there is no truth to the rumors about the cheating , then you have to discredit those that said these things. Point out any lie that you know they ever told. Once you do that it sort of pulls the teeth on what is chewing at him. Things from there are more in your favor

    • I don't know the extent of damage that you mentioned ( what was done or said )

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  • Dont ever convince someone to want you back, if it was meant to be it will happen. He is not the only guy in the world, your time will come :)

    • I would like to get back together with him and try again. How should I go about talking to him about this?