Girls, cute but can't approach girls.. Please help me out?

Just a little about me: I'm a pretty good looking guy, 22 in law school in the east. I have muscles and I look around 17 and am 5'8, so I'm attractive to a fairly good number of girls who would rather have someone more "boyish." I'll never be voted best looking in the class because I'm not "gorgeous" but I am "cute." Problem is, I have trouble approaching girls I like.. In fact there is this girl who I really like that sits in a desk near me in the library almost every time I am there, and I have seen her look at me more than I'd expect since I don't really know her. I also check her out too much so she probably knows I dig her. She is average facially but I love her personality (I talked to her a few times last year in passing), her voice is really hot, and she has a nice thin figure. I'm honestly obsessed over her.. I had a dream about her the other day. I have chickened out about 5 times now from talking to her, and I'm afraid if I don't do something soon she'll lose interest and stop sitting there.. I think I've already upset her a bit because the other day she came and sat near me and this other girl came over to talk to me for a little while and we were laughing a lot (we're good friends) and I noticed she left to go sit elsewhere. How can I go talk to her? I've missed the last 5 opportunities so what am I supposed to say to explain why I'm suddenly going to her? Also she has pretty high standards (she's rejected a couple of guys actually) so I can't sound dumb.


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  • Just approach her and ask her about anything. It's not that difficult.


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