Mentally Get Over Ex?

How would you perceive it if someone told you "I'm mentally trying to get over my ex"


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  • I'd be like "so what's up with you physically?"

    Nah but I would know they meant that they've just been trying not to think about them a lot and trying to move on and focus on other things.

    • Lmfao. So you wold take it as they're not emotionally attached?

      I want to tell this girl that I really like and respect about why I've been kind of been dragging my feet/going slow.

      I want to say, "I know I've been dragging my feet but I'm just trying to mentally get over my ex. I just wanted to let you know". Now how would take that?

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    • Thanks. Sorry I keep bombarding you with questions lol but it's good to have a female perspective. If a guy told you this would you think in some way that he must have cared for you and could've seen some kind of future with you for him to be so honest with you?

    • Haha it's all good, glad to help. Yes I would think that he did care for me, and it was good that I understand his intentions. I would be careful to make it clear though that you definitely want a future with whoever you're telling (assuming you do). Might need to reiterate a part of it because some people get stuck on the fact that you're just not over your ex

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  • It seems normal for someone to be mentally attached to an ex, which is why it might seem extremely painful getting over them.

  • I'd be bemused.

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