Does he respect me?

So I have been friends with the guy I am now dating for about two years. We recently started dating in February, and it is clear that I do not want to have sex until I know things are going 100% good for us. I told him 9 months... and within these 9months I at least want things to be official. He says things like thats too long, or time doesn't prove anything or he probably will never get to have sex with me. He says those things but we are still dating so he hasn't cut ties with me, but I just wonder is he talking or messing with other females because he see's that I won't be giving it to him anytime soon? Or should I stop playing and we just have sex already?


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  • If he can't except limitations then he doesn't need to be dating you. If he is messing with other females then break things off with him.
    Just talk to him about why you don't want to have sex so fast.

    • Right... but at the same time i feel like i shouldn't have to explain myself. If i do then he will take advantage of that and just do what he needs to do just so we can have sex which wouldn't be the right thing.

    • If you really aren't comfortable with him wanting sex and feel like he will take advantage of you.. it really sounds like he isn't right for you. I'm sorry to say that but when you are dating someone you should ever feel like they are going to take advantage of you and or are pressuring you into something you don't want.

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  • Just because he voices his concerns about this particular subject, it doesn't mean he does not respect you. Sex is something important in relationships.


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  • Dont have sex with him,
    you are right - have sex with him only and only when u are sure that he is totally loyal to u and will never leave u otherwise just leave this idiot.

  • If he can't respect your wishes, he is not worth it. If he chooses not to respect them, have a talk with him, if he continues, leave him.


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