Questions about bisexuality?

I'm writing a myTake answering your questions about what it's like to be bisexual. As long as you're not an ass about it, anything is fair game

I'm a virgin, so I can't really answer too many sex questions


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  • Well, you could include information about how you hooked up with each gender. How difficult it was the first time with each gender. What your fears are about being bisexual. Your parents reaction. Changes in your concept of male and female since identifying as bisexual.

    • I could totally talk about the awkwardness of having a crush on someone you think is straight (she's bi as well bet we never got together) and I never came out to my parents. I'll separate those into questions, like the British myTake did

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  • Yes, do it! I'd love to read it.

    • You got any specific questions you want me to answer?

    • Just normal stuff, like how attractio works for you.. If being with one sex totally satisfies you... Etc.

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  • im gay. i honestly have never met a plain bisexual person who actually dated the same sex or the other sex they have only told me i would if was in the right opportunity and when it comes up they make up shit. in my opinion no hate i actually think a lot of people just say they are bisexual and are not.

    • Haha I assure you I'm bisexual. You got any questions I can answer?

    • :l if im asking someone about 4-5 years younger than me for advice then iv failed xD i know all i need to about bisexuality just felt like sharing an opinion

    • Ok, no biggie 😂

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