New insecurities and now I feel stupid?

my ex really has given me new insecurities (example. about the way i look and kissing style etc) and now i am nervous because there is a new guy in my life. so i am nervous to kiss him

i have distanced myself from anything guy related for years leading me to have no sexual experience because of this and extremely insecure now


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  • Trust me, if he's a decent guy, then he'll understand and help you with your insecurities. If he's not a decent guy, then you get rid of him because who wants a guy like that anyway?

    The best way to overcome insecurities is to dive in to the deep end. Embrace this new opportunity and enjoy yourself! If you're nervous. Let him know, he'll find it cute. Think you're doing something wrong? Ask him for tips :)

    Please don't worry. Try and relax and let it take you wherever it will go.


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  • its ok i understand, just dont think about that much, and just go for it

  • well you can still stay single cause there would be no man that wants to put up with that

    • why is that

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    • your full of it ain't you cause I don't hate myself plus I'm changing myself to become a better person i'm not the one with having an insecurity problems

    • lmao ok man, are you done now? this has been going on for days

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  • Stop letting the stupid opinion of your crappy exboyfriend be important. The only opinion that matters is yours, so make it a good one.