Moving in with the boyfriend and how to avoid bodily functions in front of him?

So I recently moved in with my boyfriend of two years and I'm super excited that we are taking this step to strengthen our relationship! :) Of course we considered all the pros and cons and planned this for a few months and now it's finally all coming together. We have so many things planned that we would like to do together (watching movies, going on road trips, attending concerts, etc.) but I'm nervous about one thing. With this added close proximity and shared spaces, it'll be pretty hard to keep him from knowing/hearing bodily functions. I know this sounds super silly but in all the time we've know each other (2 years) he's NEVER heard me do anything unladylike or anything that would be considered "embarrassing." I just don't want him knowing any of these things happen and I need some tips on how to avoid potentially embarrassing moments. I wouldn't intentionally do anything like that in front of him but I'm worried it might happen accidentally and then I'd be mortified!! Although we are very open and honest with each other, this is not something I can ever imagine him witnessing, lol. We have a very teasing/playful relationship so I'm pretty sure I wouldn't hear the end of it and he'd probably poke fun at me long after the fact lol :P Have you ever worried about this happening in your relationship? Am I just stressing over nothing? What is the best way to avoid potentially embarrassing moments? Please share your own experiences or something that will make me less worried about all this. Thanks in advance for answering my question! :)
Moving in with the boyfriend and how to avoid bodily functions in front of him?
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