Why would this girl act like that? How should I react? I still have feelings for her? (Check details for whole story)?

There's this girl I still have feelings for that ignored me for about a month, perhaps to show me that she wasn't interested in dating (that was like 3 months ago). After a while, she started talking to me again. She was really outgoing and comfortable around me and she really wanted to be friends again. However, she recently started to take her distances a bit. She doesn't engage in conversation as much as she used to. I dont understand, we didn't get into any fights or anything. Everything was going great with her and then she started acting like that literally overnight. Why is she acting like that? What should I do? I still have strong feelings for her but I don't know if she wants to be friends or perhaps more?
P. S : Today, I was struggling with my homework and she gave me her homework (she sits behind me and I didn't ask for her homework, she just gave it to me) and when I gave it back and said thank you, she smiled. Also, she told my friend to shut up when he tried to make fun of me


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  • I guess, she really wants to be your friend. And she knows you don't only want to be friends. Hence, she withdraws from you. I guess, she really likes you (as a friend) and doesn't want to lose you.

  • Maybe she is just friendly. What you mean she ignored you for a month, what happened and she did that


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