Can you be with a selfish person but you like him/her very much?

I like my boyfriend so much and he likes me deeply too, however he's a very selfish person while he is not aware of it. (I think non of selfish people would think they are selfish)

1. His salary is ten times of mine and he often asks me to go abroad for travelling once a month, which would cost one third of my salary. I have to take an extra part time job at night to afford it. We don't have a lot vacation so it is usually only 3 days trip.

2. He didn't want to carry my heavy baggage (he uses trunk with wheels) while we are walking to a restaurant he likes. After a big fight, he changed and now he would carry my baggage if I need it.

I really like him just his personality is like this and he seems never understand my feeling, and he doesn't care about my daily life so I seldom tell him my worries as I know he's not interested in.
He's a very smart and hard working guy, working hard and playing hard, while we don't have emotional connection.

I like him so much, don't ask me why, I don't know either. I know he likes me a lot as well though he's selfish.
Just I don't see our future:(
Yes if I like him/her a lot, I don't mind getting married with him/her.
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Yes if I like him/her a lot, but I won't marry a selfish person.
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I am a selfish person. (please leave your comment)
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I am not a selfish person but I won't accept a selfish person as my SO.
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Can you be with a selfish person but you like him/her very much?
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