My girlfriend knows that my friends dont like her, is this a problem?

I caught my girlfriend of 5 months sexting another guy, i forgave her but my friends didn't, she knows that all my friends dislike her. Would this be a problem for you? She says that this makes her not want to be with me cause they'll always tell me to leave her.

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  • You're girlfriend of 5 months... sexting another guy... already your friends don't like her.

    I guess the real question is are you willing to hold on to her? Do you think your friends would have a problem with inviting her to places they invite you? Would she possibly do it again? Did she only sext him or did she sex him too? I know this has to be fucking with you some type of way if you had to come to strangers for help but I don't blame you. It's up to you whether you want to cut your losses or keep her.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Well, there comes a time when your SO will be more important than your friends. Eventually in life your friends see you less while you see your SO more, so after time, no it would not matter. In your case, you have only been dating for a few months and probably your friends are still pretty high on your importance ladder. So you will still see them very often. So it will be a problem.

    For the record, I would not tolerate my new girlfriend contacting any ex's for this very reason!


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  • Well, honestly, your friends have a good reason not to like her and I don't see that changing. You wanna stay with her unfortunately you're gonna be stuck with a girlfriend your friends don't like.

    Personally, I couldn't do it. I could not date someone my friends didn't like.

    • Tho tbh I wouldn't continue dating someone who was sexting someone else while we were exclusive in the first place...

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    • @HookingSwan that's how I felt so my friends said break up with her, I gave her a second chance cause other than this everything had been ok, but lately we've been bad and she said the friends thing bothers her

    • ... Only you can know what to do. You know her better than us.

      But, really, it doesn't sit well with me that she did that to you. At least she would have asked you about it. And still, it would have been freaking weird.

  • ... She is the one that doesn't want to be with u, cause of ur friends?

    lol damn... she was the one sexting. what nerve

    and honestly, I wouldn't have forgiven her. it is cheating too

    Now, being that u have forgiven her, ur friends should respect ur decision

    but... I see why they would not trust her. I also am not sure that u should have forgiven her.

    • I'm with his friends on this one...

    • @sara413 so am I

      i am just saying... at some point if he sticks with it, friends would have to accept it

      but i dont think they are wrong in not liking her, no...

  • I think that would be a problem. I don't mind if my friends don't like my boyfriend as long as i know he is right person for me.
    But friends opinion matter. I think your friends are right about this girl.
    i guess , u know that too.
    After reading the details , she doesn't look like love of your life. Also she is saying that she doesn't want to be with you if you friends are like this.
    Common, She is wrong here.
    What if , she is just using you.

  • I personally would not care if my boyfriend's friends liked me, especially if I did something to make them not like me like what your girlfriend did. However, for her to say she doesn't want to be with you because of your friends is pretty stupid.


What Guys Said 3

  • Dude when your girlfriend doesn't get along with your friends its kinda a red flag.
    If she sexted a guy thats more than a red flag, thats dumping grounds..
    Your situation has both, and its inly 5 months soo,, probably best if you dump her

    • precisely

      he doesn't know it, but this is a big indicator of how much she values the relationship

      which must be zero, for her to be sexting someone at only 5 months in

      actually, the timeline doesn't matter

      sexting is always cheating and wrong, in a relationship

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    • @HookingSwan. Thanks for agreeing

    • Well thats not technically sexting then. But why woupd she tell your sexual acts to her guy friend.. That doesn't look good man

  • Who cares if your friends dont like her, what matters is what you like.
    However the fact that she was sexting some other guys could be a problem, I wouldn't like that.

  • it doesn't matter what your friends think. i mean you should've dumped her by now