Why do I feel so "meh" about having a gf?

Don't get me wrong I am very attracted to women but when I think of putting in the time in having a girlfriend I just feel like I'd rather be single. I've always struggled with attracting girls, and part of me has trouble ever seeing it happen. It used to bother me a lot, now I just plain don't care. I have a good job and everything and I'm always working so I stay busy. It's not like I'm just wallowing around in self-pity like I did growing up that I was never a guy girls wanted to date. There's no time for that anymore, and no sense for it. It's pointless. Any ideas?


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  • So don't be in a relationship if that's not what you want. You could always just go for hookups or stay single and put in any extra time you have towards your interests/hobbies instead of a girlfriend. It's your life

  • You just aren't ready for a relationship. That, and you haven't found the girl that makes your heart do cartwheels. The feeling will go away when you find someone that you just absolutely have to have.

    • Well I did growing up, but it didn't work out. Tried really hard to make it happen but nope.

    • I guess now you could say that I'm over it! :P

    • It'll happen again most likely, just not the right time for you now.

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