Whats a guy when he talks to a girl and tha nothing for three whole days and doesn't see her?

So my boyfriend we've been on for like a month now in all I've seen him 2 this month.
He has university and gym doesn't live recalling near from me but still half an hour drive
We've been talking a lot of every few hours and this week it's like he shout down on me he didn't talk to me for three days and stopped sending me emojis like before
I'm kinda scared I scared him off or his not interested in me anymore!
What does that mean? What should I do?


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  • Well there may be times when you think it's best to say nothing than to say something just to start a conversation that may not lead anywhere. The later may come off as annoying to the other person. Personally if I really have nothing to say, I wouldn't go out of my way to try and talk literally all the time.

    • I don't talk to him all the time but during these three days I was really worried and he came off really cold so I don't know what went wrong with him
      Exams maybe

    • He wasn't like this before

    • It truly could be stress from exams. Give it time.

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  • Don't worry cuz one of my ex boyfriends did that to me and then I think it was 4 days later he started talking to me and that day he called me babe... I wouldn't worry so much. Maybe he's been sooo busy to talk and do stuff. Like mine? He was on a short vaca. If anything, he still likes you, its just you're sooo worried and I mean I would be to, but this is kinda like a short break like a girls night out or like a boys night out just think of it like he lost his phone and is trying to find it just to talk to you. don't worry. I promise that he still likes you. :D

    • Ok but his being cold and all I'm just worried I opened my big mouth and now his not interested

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    • Um... Sorry but I don't really know... :( Um. try asking someone else that

    • No worries his grandpa is in the hospital and his very bad! That's why his been distant lately