How would you go about asking someone out when?

I have asked a similar question this week, now I wanna see more opinions from a more specific perspective. Imagine this situation:

You like someone, you know her/him in person, but you rarely have personal contact with this person. You talk often with her/him but it's on social media, so basically all your interactions are online. You wanna ask this person out though. What would you do? Would you do it online? Would you wait until you saw her/him even knowing that it rarely happens? Would you call her/him to hang out first? Would you do something completely different?

PS: If you wanna check my previous question (I've already stated my opinion about it there):


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  • If we have had an awesome conversation I say "Hey, I really enjoyed talking to you wanna go to dinner sometime and talk in person?"


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  • id probably ask online since I've got no balls to do it person