My boyfriend cheated on me on his birthday :(?

we are in 12th grade and have been together for 8 months. Thursday was his birthday and i was at a competition so i couldn't celebrate but i said i would this weekend but i found out he cheated on me! i wished him a happy birthday and posted a pic of us on instagram and he even liked the pic. i feel like we have a good relationship and i care about him unlike that girl who seems to barely know him! I've never met the girl but my friends are in a class with her and they said that my boyfriend always stares at her randomly and sometimes when she walks into class or walks by him he would look her way but they said they don't talk much. i found out he cheated because apparently he's been telling his friends at school about him and that girl and my friends heard him and his friends talking about it. from the way my friends described, it seemed like he doesn't feel guilty and i think he probably even feels a little boastful because he's talking about it even when my friends are within hearing distance!

i have a feeling i know why he did it but i want to hear what other people think.

  • he probably wants the other girl to be his girlfriend but doesn't know if she likes him back
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  • he probably likes the other girl more
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  • he probably thinks the other girl is more attractive
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  • his friends probably think the other girl is more attractive
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  • he probably likes you more
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  • From how I see it, you want to make sure that you hear what he will say about the other girl in front of you and it is also the best to find out if it's true that he stares at the other girl or how that girl thinks about him. If they ever had a communication besides staring and him talking to his friends, etc. Sometimes there's something about that girl that him and his friends were talking, but it's probably not that he likes that girl. I learned that sometimes even your friends can lie about things because they're jealous, don't know for sure everything. For instance, in the past my old friend lied to me about my crush liked a girl with a same named as mine, but when I had a friend asked that girl, she said it's only close friends when they hang out. Even recent, with a different crush, a friend said he has a girlfriend who goes the different church, but I still haven't found any pic of them currently dating and believe it or not, at church, my current crush is having signs of interest in me instead.

    • well I've heard from numerous people and friends of mine and i trust that not all of them would lie about this. and just because you don't see them together doesn't mean he doesn't have a girlfriend... i think i guess i just trust my friends enough to know they wouldn't lie about it

    • If it's been numerous people said so, definitely it's best to discuss with him about it before breaking up with him. 1- you will know the full story, so you won't regret and wonder why. 2- you will understand why he does it and understand about him better.

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  • It wasn't about the other girl, it was about him. He wasn't satisfied in the relationship and so he was seeking satisfaction somewhere else. People don't always cheat necessarily for a sexual reason, or because they like someone more, sometimes they do it because they feel resentful or because their relationship is lacking excitement or intimacy in another way.

    • but sometimes it is the reason especially when there's nothing wrong with our relationship

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    • but why would he choose another girl he barely knows over me it doesn't make sense i think I'm a good girlfriend and i thought everything was fine so I'm surprised

    • It wasn't about the other girl! She just happened to be the girl he cheated with. He cheated because he wasn't satisfied with your relationship and didn't value it, and instead of doing the decent thing and discuss his problems with you, he just cheated instead, probably knowing it would ruin the relationship anyway.

  • It's honestly kind of crazy to me that you seem more concerned about her and where she stands with him rather than the overall fact that he cheated on you. Aren't you worried about the trust now? Or the fact that he hasn't even apologized for what he did? I don't think he's worried about losing you, he's having his fun and obviously gets no reprocussions. Who's wants a guy like that? You can do better girl, you should want to do better.

    • no I want to know why he would do it and act like he's not guilty and go to his friends and talk about it.

    • Then I definitely think it's worth talking about, and don't be afraid to bring up that discussion.

  • end it with him. remember "once a cheater, always a cheater". tbh there's no point getting upset over him because he's clearly not worth your time and he's just too shallow and immature to be boastful about cheating on you. so my best advice is to be strong and end it with him otherwise he'll think he's got you wrapped around his finger.
    I didn't vote because I don't think any of them are true, I think he's just trying to impress his friends in the most idiotic way which he'll come to regret someday.

  • aww girl it's ok