Why did he ask my brother about me?

Long story short, I went to an event at my brother's university 2 weeks ago. I went for dinner with my brother and his friends. Anyway, one of his friends kept catching glances at me a lot of the time. I noticed that he was staring at me quite a few times and asked me lots of questions.

He even offered to make me a drink at an after party that we went to later.

Today, when my brother went to his university again (which is 2 hours from where I live) he said that the guy asked about me and had said to him "Why didn't your sister come here too?"

Why would he ask my brother about why I wasn't there with him?


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  • This man is trying to get in your pants

    • I definitely did feel that he was interested in me the first time I met him.

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  • Pretty sure he is interested in you, if you are interested in him too tag along with your brother more often