What do men really think about dating a single mother?

So, i'm dating this guy... who's 2 years younger than me... making him 22. I'm 24 years old and have a two year old son. Me and this guy are pretty serious as far as feelings go, but I can't help but to wonder if i'm taking him away from being his young adolescent self. I feel myself wanting to push him away so i don't have to feel bad about keeping him from being wild and free because at the end of the day i know eventually he's going to realize he doesn't want this kind of serious commitment (being a kid involved). He's expressed no worry or doubt... it's all me... i just don't know what to do. i feel the need to save him. or end it before he realizes he wants to. HELP!


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  • I can't really speak for him, if he already knows there's a kid involved... chances are he's serious about you. Talk to him about it, if you're having doubts.


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  • Your only 24, he is 22 its fine. You acting like your 40 and he is 16.

  • For dating not a problem for marriage it is

  • Like second hand goods. I would not want a women who had a baby or aborted it. It is just choice and male nature.

    • what's "male nature"?

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    • You are lucky to find a guy accept you. But, he will use your ex in the angry moments.

    • Asker please ignore this boys comments. Clearly he thinks he speaks for all men. There are men out there with no problem stepping up to the plate and find a good one and he will not use your ex against you. My guy has NEVER done that in 7 1/2 years.

  • No not after my experience


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