Am I overthinking it?

So me and this guy have been together awhile now... He's probably the best guy I've ever met. We are comfortable around each other, we always got out and hangout, we can have lazy days together and pretty much he is all about me. This past week he's been super grumpy and not really all about me... Not as all about me as he use to be. Then I was just thinking and I started getting upset because I really don't want to lose him. He's the only guy I've ever felt this close to. I'm just afraid in the end he'll see me as a friend. I mean he talks about our future and kids. I know most people say "well if he's talking about that he must be serious" so pretty much... Do guys just get comfortable with you and then stop trying as hard?


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  • It is most likely not about you at all. Girls always tend to think it's something we've done, but guys might be pissed their favourite football team won't make the finals or they got humiliated by some dick in the mall, and they stay in a shitty mood even when around friends or gfs. I doubt it's you, just give it awhile and see if his mood changes.


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  • Ask him what's wrong. Like you've seemed grumpy lately is there something wrong?
    Also your realtionship is not all about you.