Why is my ex/ baby daddy doing this?

we've been broken up for almost a year. we have kept a good relationship for our child. he was over today and was all over me, he even spanked me in a playful manner. kept on asking me to kiss his hand and he would buy me a soda, all in fun. i mean 3wks ago i told him i wanted to work on things with him to be a family and he said that he wanted to be with this one girl, but he hasn't even hung out with her so im confused. he takes me out places and pays for everything.


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  • He probably wants to get intimate with you becauses he misses you physically or maybe he even still has feelings for you... I dont think thats bad, its probably hard to not feel anything for a girl you had a kid with.. I wouldn't blame him.. Its your choice what to do with this


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