Do your friends/relatives ever try to fix you up with someone?

Mine almost never have; I don't know if it's because they think I'm lame, or are just respecting my space.

Probably just as well, as to the extent it has happened their choices are awful. One friend tried setting me up with one of his roommates, who was a stripper, a smoker, and not my type physically at all. She was also into outlaw-biker types, which I am not. Another co-worker wanted to fix me up with his sister, but I shot that down without meeting her on the basis that she shared some genes with him...


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  • Well you can not be forced into some one once a friend of mibe tried to hook me up with a girl oh boy she was so stupid 😥 just let them know that you can find some one by urself 😉

  • You ehy did you do that? Shared genes with him? a lot of girls you meet are gonna have a brother.. So what?

    • The point is I KNEW her brother and he had his, uh, flaws. So... oh never mind. Go sober up.

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    • It was kind of a looks-and-personality thing.

    • Okay i get it...