Girls, Have I hurt a girls feelings or something?

Ok so there's this girl who everytime we used to se each other like everywhere we would always look at each other as I thought she was really good looking , then I would see her at the gym and she would like be running on her tred mill and id be working out and she would look back at me n stuff and she always seemed quite sad. So once I asked if she was ok. So then I started seeing her on way home from work and stuff and I sat next to her and her leg was purposely like resting on mine. I left her loads of room. Ok so I didn't see her for ages then when I started again she would smile to herself when she seen me. But then not look at me , so I thought no not going to make any moves. So then I broke my neck didn't see her for months and then I would notice her looking At through the train window or looking at me up n down and once she was looking me up and down and she purposely offered for me to get off first but just stood there and pointed at the door so I said no it five you go and then I waited to get picked up and as she drove past looked at her and she turned fast smiling to herself? Ok so didn't make moves after that I sat opposite her and she just randomly started crying to herself and looking at me now my friend says she always says she's depressed on fb. So after 4 months I thought I'll add her but it was only ment to be abit of fun and I said to her I've been meaning to ask her something and she kept saying what and then she was like do you know my ex because my ex is dodgey and he always takes the mick I said no and I don't know him and asked why he's dodgey and she blocked me? Just wondering if maybe I kind of hurt her feelings as she is sensitive and she knows she sees me in public anyway. Kind of makes me feel crap as it seemed like she liked me abit and she thought I was taking the mick but I actually wasn't lol


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  • Or she just didn't want to talk to you if you didn't appear to have an actual reason to talk to her. It can be a bit creepy.

    • Could of been possible but then why accept my request and also why respond to me in the first place

    • To see what you wanted.. then she was creeped out by what you said, and clearly she had suspicions that you had something to do with her ex, so she just blocked you to avoid dealing with you.

    • I don't even know her ex lol that's the thing tbh I just feel bad because it's obv she has issues like depression and I just wanted to be nice and I obv come accross as taking the mick. Thank you for your opinion it is appreciated

  • I guess she misinterpreted what you said.

    Give her some days to cool off then when you see her again, explain this to her.

    • Ino it's been a while now but if she's depressed and stuff and sad I don't want to make it worse so I might just see if she's ok if I see her next just like not even mention the blocking and just say hi you ok

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    • Thank you , but it's just weird as she would always show signs of interest and hide smiles and just be shy and since me talking on fb she thought I was taking the mick

    • hmm kk, still be there for her.. in the end she would value ur efforts and friendship