Would you be mad if your significant other stayed friends with an ex?

I just broke up with a guy who wasn't officially dating me so I wouldn't say boyfriend but we were best friends.. I guess friends with benefits :/ even though we loved each other at one point. i don't know whether to stay friends or not. We don't have any mutual friends so is there a point or should I move on? Also my future boyfriend might be upset about the idea


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  • My boyfriend is in contact with his ex. It was something i wasn't fond of. I felt like he wasn't really over her? And still needed to keep communication paths free for when he does need to contact her. It took me awhile to understand that his romantic feelings for her died when there relationship fell apart. I know he cares about her as a friend but there is nothing else to it as i'm in his life now and that's all he cares about.

    Me on the other hand? I don't stay friends with any of my ex's lol

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