Why didn't ex boyfriend reply back to birthday message?

My ex and I broke up almost two years ago. However, we still text once in a while (every 3 months or so) and everything between us is friendly. I do not want to get back together with him, nor does he. I would still send him a happy birthday message every year though, just for old times sake.

I texted him a 'happy belated birthday' message last night as I just remembered it was his birthday 2 days ago. He always usually texts back but this time he read my message and ignored it.

Why would he do that?


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  • ... I texted him a "happy belated birthday' message...
    He has a broken nose Who Knows...
    He may be feeling tha tbeing you still keep in touch, Have His and Her History that you both used to Share, That when it comes to this Special Day... You might still Care.
    Text him back with a HUGE "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to forget." Wait and see if he then replies, and if Not, Don't press any more buttons, He is then being a Snot.
    Good luck. xx

  • He's probably wondering why you're thinking about him and should stop...

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