What age should you start dating?

I like this guy he is so sweet he'll do any thing for me and he like me too. He kept asking me out but my parents are running my life for me! I can't even text him! Is this fair?


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  • Honestly - It's not fair - but you are still living under them. I'm sure they still pay for your food and other expense. (trust me - been there done that)

    but like the other person below says -- it depends on what you want in the relationship? Do you think you are mature enough to handle one? when it does get intimate-- there is going to be the whole idea of sex and -- other intimate stuff --

    and yeah you said your parents are restricting you on texting him - in a way they are just protecting you -- (coming from a perspective -- it's showing they care)

    and sometimes -- guys will do anything just to try to lure the girl in - how old are u? - Is he a nice guy ? and if he his -- have a chat with your parents- tell him that there is this guy that is asking you out - you really like him - and maybe if they are okay - you can have him pop by and say hi to your parents (just to let them know that he's a good guy) but not so much of a " met the family" -"we are serious" way.

    but if worst comes to worst -- and you want to do it behind their back - just make sure you are safe. and watch out for yourself.


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  • how old are you?


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  • Well, it depends on your age and how serious/far you want to go with him.

    If you're under 16 and you want to go all the way with him eventually then maybe you should wait.

    But if you just want to have a normal relationship with him then you should talk to whoever (mom or dad) who is more lenient with you and beg them to stop beng a pain in the ass (highly recommend putting it in nicer words) and say that you're growing up and you need to experience things. Promise them you won't go too far and say that they can meet him if they want. (worst comes to worst you can do what I did when I first started dating and just do it behind their backs but do it in a sense that if you get caught it won't be too bad, example its better to get caught just dating him or just kissing him then to be caught partying with him or losing you're virginity to him. good luck :)