Anyone else just get turned off by dating & the opposite sex, and just stop trying?

I know I'm only 21, and this won't last too long before I dip back in the water... But seriously, the past 7 months I've really given this dating thing a go and it's all just been a shit show.
I have guys asking me out very frequently and I just decided hey, let's actually stop being an introverted loner and maybe you'll meet someone! Ha ha haaa..

seriously... I have never been such an emotional wreck in my life Hahahah. My god. I never thought dating would be this difficult, or how full of lies other people can be just to get what they want. Man! It's been a long go. I'm SO sick of it! I'm sick of not trusting any dude, how they "aren't ready for a relationship," ... Pushing me to behave in ways I normally never thought I would (stalking them at midnight, setting up fake online accounts to catch them). I swear I'm not psycho! But I hate hate hate being ignorant and being the dumb one. I won't have a guy pull me around like that. My god, and don't get me started on these "mind games." They work! They do work, but I hate being such a fake person to another.

all in all, I've ended up empty handed. I've learned great lessons about players and manipulations, but I am farther away from love and trust than I've ever been. My heart was really broken by one guy, who I spent way more time being dragged around than I should have allowed. I lost myself... I literally didn't sleep and i lost my dignity. Now, I just want to chill OUT and not see any guy or do anything except MY own thing.

normal experience? Anyone else?

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  • I've stopped trying for a while. I'm just the friend guy. Girls just aren't attracted to me. I have a great personality and am sought after for friendship but that's it. People tell me that girls notice me and I just don't see it but I doubt that. I know the right girl is out there but unless I bump into by some crazy chance I'm just not looking anymore. I tend to wonder what is wrong with me but I've realized nothing is wrong girls just don't see what's right with me. I have no negative feelings towards that I just wish I could meet someone and we could appreciate each other.


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  • Lol @ making fake accounts and stalking them hahahaha.
    Yeah it happened to me in the beginning but not now i dont give a fck now.
    The behaviour you show is usually shown when our emotions are engaged, you will be fine just give it some time..

    • Lolll, I was craaazzzed in full emotion. I'm glad I let them go.. For the most part... But yeah, in the future, I hope I don't have to do that again but I have a feeling I will be.

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    • I will take this advice gladly. I think it is very correct.

    • This is what i learnt in my 10 years of dating, it helps a lot

  • Nope not me.. I will never give up on either of those.. there was a time tho when I was confused if I would ever date again after my bad fall.. as from that day forward I have had to wear diapers and rubber pants daily and did wonder lots If any women would date me when she found out I wore them.. but everyone I have dated has been told about my diaper wearing and why I wear them.. and it has not changed her mind about dating me in the slightest.. and if I had of given up.. never would I have found this out.. so just hang in there always.. take care now

  • Ya, I'm generally turned off by girls behaviour.

  • For most people It's not easy and it's fine to ignore it.
    At least you get asked out very few guys do even if they're hot most girls just think it's the guys job , (which it isnt).
    I think there are loads of guys and girls who are perfect for each other or at least good enough but will never get to know each other.

  • We all need a break from that, it's like a game that you can't finish and find end or finish line so you need to just back off from it for awhile and regroup

  • Yep. I hate dating and I do think the right woman is out there for me (but probably taken lol) but I think she's rare and have totally given up trying to "find" her. I'm happy with my life otherwise and in some ways happier single so I've totally accepted it.


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