Was I a side chick?

Prior to meeting this guy we text and face timed. A month later I drove to him. We hung out for two days. No sex. He cooked and paid for food. After I left he told me he liked me and wanted to get to know me. So after that he said he was going to be busy next two days. I said cool talk to me when you're not busy. 3 days pass. I was like he must be really busy but I decided to text him. He texted quickly and said he's working and how I'm doing. I replied. He didn't text back for another day. So I text him he didn't have to leave me hanging. He texted me saying I'm freaking out and assuming. I apologized for assuming and told him I felt he was blowing me off. He got really defensive and angry and we argued. He told me he didn't want to deal with an emotional person he hardly knows. He didn't talk for 2 weeks but was online the dating website and redid his profile. So I moved on. He texted me after 2 weeks saying I hope I understand why he gave space and that he enjoyed being with me. I apologized again and asked him what does he want? I don't want to waste my time. Want a friend or something more. He didn't reply again for a long time. I texted him it's okay he doesn't have to answer and please just delete my number. I already knew the answer. He texted quickly again and attacked me saying I'm not healthy. I told him I stood by what I felt. He was stringing me along. We argued again. I told him well instead of texting and fueling the argument lets talk over phone. He said he would like that but not when I'm acting like this. I said okay great just let me know tomorrow when he's available. Next day he text he's sick in bed and he can't talk and won't be able to make it to firework show? That he can schedule me to FaceTime in a few days if that's okay. Fireworks? He never told me about a show? So I called him twice, he didn't pick up. I told him screw this, argued and told him I'm blocking him. He attacked me with the same stuff again and said goodbye.

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  • Please tell me you are 100% done with this guy!!! Hard to say why, but he wasn't totally into you once he met you. Probably he didn't like you as much as he wanted, but didn't have anyone else and that is why he sorta strung you along. Since he isn't into you he was acting all cold. Anyway, forget him and move on.

    • Yeah I figured that. Maybe he didn't like the way I looked? I don't know. I don't look different from my pictures and he face timed me so he knew how I looked before I met him in person.. I told him don't say you like someone if you don't mean it. He even told me he didn't want to deal with an emotional person he hardly knew. I said if you didn't want to deal with me why are you reaching out to me again? I don't talk to him anymore but I don't know what went wrong. he told me he liked me.. When he told me I just said thanks for the hospitality and is like to know you more too. i told him I liked him during arguing. Worst part was that he sold weed as his profession. So it sucks I got rejected by a drug dealer. -_- I overlooked his lifestyle and everything.

    • I think this still shows and proved that social media still cannot substitute real life face-to-face meeting. Even though he liked you while on-line, once he met you in real life you just didn't spark and interest. Don't take it as an insult or that you did something wrong. He just wasn't into you.

    • I agree. I'd rather meet in person rather than online now. It's so deceiving and a waste of time really. He was a waste of time. He claimed he was going to drive to see me. I didn't believe it one bit and I told him that. He knew what he was doing. He even said he didn't want to hurt my feelings. I told him something was wrong with him because he had to string along someone from a different city. I do feel bad because I told him to go to hell. But I apologized for saying that via email. He didn't respond so I guess he doesn't forgive me.

  • He's got a girlfriend. If you really like someone you'll find time for that person. I think that's a bunch of BS when people say that. When I was stationed overseas I always found a way to get a hold of this girl I was into. Although we aren't together anymore, it worked out for about 2 years regardless of me being out of country or not.

    • I figured he has a girlfriend or he still had feelings for his ex. He still had her car mats and couch in his house. I asked why he had girly things in his car, he said he got it from his ex a while ago. I put pieces together and something wasn't right. When I confronted everything to him he got way too angry about it. Did he think I was stupid and wouldn't catch on? I don't know.

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    • I'm 5'3 - thin- long brown hair - straight hair- dark skin but not dark dark. I'm black Asian and creole. He was a street kid he stated himself so I don't know. :/

    • You sound very cute. Move on, forget about him, it's his loss. You don't deserve to be treated that way.

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