Does she like me, or just friends?

This girl and I have been talking and getting to know each other for a while now. She liked another guy, but we still became close friends and laughed and shared things together. Since she didn't see me "that way", I tried my best to see her only as a friend, but of course, once you truly like someone the feeling is always there. I finally managed to see her as just a friend, and we became good friends. However, she went through some rough stuff, and I stayed with her through the whole thing, talking her through it, making sure she was ok, doing whatever I could for her, etc. Since then, she acts more flirty, touchy, texts me more, jokes more, and wants to be around me. Her friends seem to stare at me, and some have even added me on social media, especially her best friend.

However, there are times she puts on social media how she's looking for a guy, and how she wants to be with someone, ignores me, calls me dude/fam (never uses the word "friend" though). Now I'm back in the cycle of falling for her again. Based off that info, what do you think, like me or just close friends?


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  • She sees you as a friend.


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  • she likes you man. social media posts about wanting to be with someone is probably subliminal messaging directed at you. She calls you fan because she's trying to hide it from you


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