When is too much.. too much?

I've had ups and downs, in this relationship. Im a hard person, just because it takes me time to get comfertable with someone, and this guy and I have been in a relationship since Septemeber 2015, so its been about 9 months. Few times during this relationship he said I didn't like this can you fix this and that, yeah i fixed them cause they were simple things, he made jokes about breaking up with me, and getting me to the point where id just break down cause it hurts. We are now on summer vacation and we live about 2 hours away from each other, we wrote on a list saying what we could do to make this relationship stronger, well i told him a few things and he told me a few things. This past days we have been going strong i visited him once already, and I told him, something being demanding, and he liked that, cause he wanted me to have a voice, and so i was like yeah. Today, i texted him but he never answered, i got busy doing other things and then he texts me saying your not being demanding enough, like woah, sorry I didn't text you... but you dont have to go off on me saying your not demanding enough, bye, bbl... oh wait no, see you in 3 months. Im over here like what did I do? When is too much, too much..


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  • What exactly did he tell you to change.. It makes a if difference

    • Well during college, itd be like going to the librar togethe, or the gym, asking to eat at our cafeteria. Now, its like text me, instead of the other way around, talk more as in like make conversation, stand up to my self, be less shy. I've for sure, fixed all but being less shy and texting him when he wants. Because I dont know if he is like busy, or what not. Im being less shy, by telling him hey lets go out and do this, and stuff

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