Girl I'm pursuing is a jerk to me?

I met this girl a month ago and exhange numbers snap chat but she's kind of a jerk to me like sometimes will flat out ignore me then one day we're snap chatting having fun. When we met up for the 2nd time she would be hugged up on my arm them goes into this weird acting like a jerk mode. Giving me a look like she doesn't like me or seemed bothered and when we left she told me I didn't have to walk her to her car but I did amyways and later that night she text me did I make it home ok etc.

is this normal for some females? I wonder if it's a defensive thing with her. Our mutual friend said she is a prude


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  • If she's a jerk to you she's not worth it, it's not normal


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  • just ditch her. red flags all over the place. that´s not normal.

    • Lol I know I'm wondering it's weird. Then she flirted w this fat guy when we were out like she was trying to get me jealous. She watches all of my snapchats but ignores me sometimes it's weird I don't know if she likes me or what

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    • My best friend set us up and that's what u think it was. I trusted my friends word but this girl seems shady. Talk to other guys while with me and giving out your number? Wth is that crap

    • I should of closed my tab while they were exchanging numbers and left that's what I wish I did

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