Can we be fun again?

We spent all summer together were so in love and had so much fun together. We made each other happy.

He went to uni (3hrs away) and since then it got boring and not fun. We haven't been happy. It got too serious, we started to fight a bit and just didn't have fun with each other. We were staying over every night, stopped going out & started ordering in, he stopped being with his friends to spend time with me (which I never asked him to do). This all made him sad.

He has pulled away and isn't interested in talking to me all the time anymore but when he is back we have an ok time. We had a chat about it this weekend and although there is still love there I can see him drifting away. From ready to commit fully to me to not again.

We have decided to focus more on ourselves, have fun and not focus on each other. He told me just to chill. I like this idea as just moving to this new city I need to get out there, have fun and build a network, a life. I have started seeing other people and making a conscious effort to get back out there.

HOWEVER, I do really love him and would love to be an important part of his life again so when he is back and we get the opportunity to hang out I would like to bring the fun back but i am just not sure how fixable it is now. Keeping in mind that he isn't in the same city most the time and we aren't going to communicate much when he is away. Any ideas?


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  • I wouldn't count it. Not trying to burst your bubble but he is most likely an attractive guy going to university. THe chances of him not meeting someone new are pretty slim to none. I wouldn't keep your hopes up. People change as well.


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  • Sometimes a summer fling in one setting doesn't transfer to the routine of every day lives. You can't force it.

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