Girls, Should I be prepared when I am going to her place for the first time?

I have been talking to this girl for a couple of months now , we have met few times in restaurants and went for drive once. She has asked me to come to her place for one night when she is alone since her parents are going out of town.
Is it some hint? Will there be nudity and sex and all? Shall i be prepared for it and keep packet of condoms? ANd one more thing , i have a very hairy body all over , should i get myself waxed / shave my body esp chest , shoulders and groin?


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  • It would be wise. a lot can happen when parents are out of town and the two of you are alone. Just be prepared for anything and make sure you have transportation to leave when you are ready to.

    • Ok thanks 😃

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    • sure. I meant it.

    • Ya sure, that's why I felt so nice to hear it. Wish I could talk to you Aand get to know yiu for real.😞

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  • Mmm I'd say it's a hint and she wants it with you... But ya you should always be prepared always! Now about being hairy it kinda depends.. If she likes hairy guys or not... If she doesn't then you could wax lol it will hurt though...

    • hmmmm , i feel she wants some kind of intimacy. I am bit hesitant about buying condoms, any idea how to be frank and buy it? I have no idea about what she feels about a very hairy guy or no. If it was you in her place then what do you expect?

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    • Thanks for your lovely input

    • Yep lollol

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