How long is the longest u should wait to date someone?

I been waiting a month for this dude, n it's hard. It makes me feel sad and like he's really not ever gonna come through, even though he acts like he really likes me and things he has said to others says he does.
And we see each other at least once a week at church so I'm trying to be patient and adult about this.
He wants to wait then take things slow. And all this waiting is making me more anxious. Ugh.


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  • Normally I would think that he is nervous to ask you out in case you say no. But it sounds like he might know that. So maybe if he is just waiting for no real reason and you don't like that then he is not the one for you. If he "waits" this long to ask you out imagine what he will be like when it comes to asking you to marry him. You might be dating for more than 8 years before he asks.

    • OMG. That would suck.
      I do know he's been very busy. I knew that before I got involved.
      He did say he wants to start hanging out n getting to know me better. But the waiting is making it feel like it's not gonna ever happen.
      I gave him my number almost a month ago and not even one text. I almost feel like I should give up. But it's hard. I think he is being honest. And I have liked him for a while

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    • Thanks for MHO.

    • 😉😊

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  • I was waiting for a guy for 6 years. Nothing ever ended up happening, except him treating me like shit.

    • 😢 why did u wait that long?

    • Because I really loved him. And he always rejected me, so I kept holding on. But now he got on my last nerve and he just really hurt me, and I can't go on with his toxicity. But I loved him with all my heart. We were really good friends at one point.