How weird is to be 24 and never had a girlfriend or held a girls hand or gone on a date?

I'm 24 and well I've graduated college and well I've never had a girl interested in me, I kept my appearance up, I dress appropriately, I don't look ridiculous or anything, I'm not a weirdo or a creep, but I've never had a girl interested in me, the only encounters I have had with girls have been bad, making fun of me and just destroying me, I don't know but i don't get it, I see guys who don't even have to approach girls and they don't have to be good looking or talkative even and they still have girls APPROACHING THEM! But then you have other guys where they can go a lifetime without dating a girl, or like me seem to be a repellant to women where other guys attract them like moths to a light, I just don't get it, I've already gotten the get hobbies work out yadada focus on yourself but have you ever wondered how a lot of guys don't have to do anything they can be rude or whatever and attract girls, where another guy can never even get a girl to bat an eye his way and if she does its looking down at him, is it hormones or what? I have always pondered this.

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  • It is not weird at all; you are still young. Don't worry the right girl will come along when you least expect it ❤️

    • Yea but I'm not gonna lie it bothers me, I see guys who aren't talkative don't put no effort in and they have girls like I said approaching them or my friends, and then you have guys like me who for some reason can't attract a woman's attention for the life of themselves, you know, and I understand you are trying to be helpful and the right girl will come along etc, but what about the guys I've seen who are 30 or 40 or 50!!! Who never got a girlfriend or could keep the interest of girls and they were told the same thing, you'll find the right woman, you know, I know being pessimistic isn't going to help but sometimes I feel maybe not everybody was meant to get a partner or significant other, I mean this is the real world and not fairytale land where everything always ends up happily ever after you know.

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    • I know good things will come to you, you seem like a great guy. So, don't worry, the best love is the one that's worth waiting for.

    • Thank you for most helpful :) ❤️

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  • We r on the same boat. Everyone is dating I am here like *no guy even approaches me*


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  • 2 years older than me and same story... kinda. Not all that weird