Guys, is it more appealing when a girl can make you laugh?

If a girl can make you love, does that make her more attractive and appealing to you?

  • Yes! It's the best thing
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  • No I don't really care as long as she's hot
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What Guys Said 3

  • This gets a HUGE yes. I love to laugh and I love making others laugh. If she can make me laugh then that tells me we can enjoy each others company and not have things get to serious or tense.

    • Does that mean you wouldn't want anything serious? Or you would just take your time?

    • No you misunderstand me, sorry for not clarifying. I mean the mood or atmosphere between us would hardly ever be tense because we have such a good time with one another

  • That is almost the main reason for how I start crushing on girls. When a girl can really make me laugh all the time, that's how I know I like her. And trust me, this has only happened twice.

  • A good amount of humor is always appreciated