Why do women want dating/relationship to be by chance/random occurrence?

So when it comes to dating men and women seem to have different desires for how it happens. Men are more often than not the ones who approach and women are the ones who reject/accept his offer. So a guy sees a girl he takes the initiative to go up and ask her out to start something. But it seems even today women don't even want guys to just come up, show interest right off the bat and ask them out on a date.
Why do women want dating/relationship to be by chance/random occurrence ?
These days women want men to end up starting a relationship via dumb luck/chance whether it's him being introduce to her via a mutual friend, meeting at an event, him helping her out in a charity and them working together, randomly meeting her at a bar and him accidentally knocking her drink out and agreeing to buy her another, saving her life, helping her carry something. So what I'm getting at is they want a relationship to form from a random occurrence where you were just at there at the right time in order to be open to considering your advances.
It's also the same thing in dating. A guy who plans out date and has a structure setup beforehand looked at as a turn off, weirdo and less fun by woman compared to a guy who basically goes with the flow and doesn't have any plan at all for the date.
It's weird. You would think a guy who plans things out and follows on through would be considered desirable more to women than men who just have no idea what they are doing and spontaneously just going with the flow.

Guy who sets up dinner reservation months before hand at a fancy restaurant is lot less fun compared to a guy who decides he's going to go bar hopping with you and then carry you to a strip club.


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  • See... I've noticed this in men...
    So I guess it's tough for ALL people who ask others out.

    In regards to what your example says: I'd say it's much more efficient and useful to have your plans layed out before you - so you can have time for everything and everyone. Spointineity is fun - but in very small doses and rarely.


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