Are people really this honest?

I recently went on a successful first date (six hours) and have just been on a second date - although the date didn't really happen, she came over and we just talked, listened to music and basically just hung out together (seven hours). But during this date, she told me an awful lot about herself, which to me seemed very different from all the other girls that I've dated, considering the amount of time we have known one another. It's like she's warning me or trying to put off. Does this seem normal to you? How honest are you?


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  • Oh, it's dependant on the person - completely.
    Some people are literally like that.
    Some are very reserved and some tell you all about themselves without even thinking how it might affect you.


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  • It's pretty common for women do that. I always though it was a kind of tactic. Give you more information than you want or need about stuff that doesn't matter and you will be too overwhelmed with information to look for things that do, but I'm a very cynical person.


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  • I personally don't put it ALL out there off the bat but if you two spend hours talking together then she obviously feels comfortable around you and you are getting along very good. She is not trying to put you off, like I said I normally don't do it but there are some people that just have something that makes me talk so deep and personal off the bat. It seems like you might have a really good connection that she feels this comfortable so if you feel the same then go with it.

  • well, it SHOULD be normal to be this open and honest when you're getting to know someone.
    It saves an awful lot of time and minimizes wasting time with someone who is not going to "click"

    • Thanks for your reply and that makes sense, as some of the things that she has told me, would probably make other people run a mile, it's almost like she's preparing me and doesn't want to waste any of her time.

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