Guys, casual relatationship?

I happened to meet an guy a month ago
We slept a few times.
One day I wanted to be clear, I asked him what relationship is this and he said
he won't be in any serious relationship for a long time to be honest.
So we agreed on casual relationship.
and we keep having sex later on.
But one day he told me he likes me as a person.

In this situation, which is both of us are agreed with casual relationship
what does this mean? he happens to like me as a person?

Does he try to defend him that he doesn't want to make me feel offensive with casual relationship?


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  • Lust is a powerful thing, especially in situations like this. It creates an illusion of being love when in most cases, its not. The way i deal with it is to try and find things i like about the person that is NOT sexual. If i can list a few, then its worth a shot, if its all sexual and stuff, keep it casual.

  • Sounds like he is falling in love with you. He might want to have a committed relationship.