So he was the one who asked for my number and name... and now this?

So I had a crazy night last week and made out with this guy and he and I slept at his friends house (my friend was there too with his friend). We didn't have sex. The morning after he was nice to me, asked for my number and last name and anyway, I said just before I was about to leave "Ohh I don't have your number" so he sent me a text to which I asked how he spelt his name (so I could save him as a contact). Anyway I asked how his day ended up and since Friday night he never replied! Why make all the effort then nothing? Is there anything I can do even though I was the last one to a question?


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  • It's been 3 days and I see you are still counting On... Is there anything I can do?
    He may have had a change of heart now, It is possible.
    No, You have done all you can on your own End with your "New" Friend. Don't Push any more buttons and just maybe when he sees you are Not sending anymore Signals, He will give you a Sign this Time of 'How he spelt his name.' And probably a lame Duck Excuse too.
    Being as Wise as an ol Owl that I am, I already have this one's 'Number' and a 'Name' in which I cannot use here... I am too much of a L. A. D. Y.
    Good luck. xx

  • No. You should wait for him to reach you. If he doesn't, move on.