I fucked up and need to recover, how does this message sound?

To be brief I started hooking up with a friend while still hung up over an ex.
I didn't like her at first but now I really do. But I was distant at first so now she might not like me... We got into an argument over the whole what are we question. Anyway this is my message I wrote her is it too much? Can someone give me some advice... I really have fallen for this girl
I know I screwed up, I do, but I am going to fight for you. I'm done running from my feelings, I want to be that guy who gets you ice cream and cookies all the time, I just want to be a reason for you to smile. I don't want to stop hearing your laugh, that way you talk... I can't go back. I look at you, and I'm happy. Seeing your faces, your cute mannerisms, your gorgeous skin, just everything about you...
So this is me, the fool, asking you, the girl that's out of my league, on a date. Officially.
When we went out for breakfast we saw that Italian place that was closed. I've been wanting to go there with you ever since. If you're free this week I'd love nothing more then to take you.


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What Girls Said 2

  • She is One lucky Girl, Sweet Guy with a Try.
    Good luck and Send to your Friend. xx

  • I think your message is adorable, any girl would love to see that. Yeah you guys had a bump, but that's just what happens sometimes. Hopefully on your date (bc im pretty positive she'll agree) you can sort things out.


What Guys Said 1

  • That sounds very straight forward and honest. Not really holding anything back. I'd say stick with that and if she is really interested then she will give an opportunity. Just remember to respect her decision!