We like each other but can't make a move?

Well, the situation is complicated and I don't know what to do. There's a guy a like sooo much, since a very long time, we also talked last year but didn't happened anything but I never stopped thinking about him. Since then I dated one of his friends and that's how we meet again. I rejected him because it didn't feel right. Now me and the guy I like are talking again, we are hanging out with our friends but we're close, we text and call almost everyday and stuff. He even called me beautiful (I swear I died). But the thing is that it's not okay because his friend really liked me a lot and it didn't pass a long time since we dated. I don't want to mess with their friendship. That's why I can't make a move on him, and I may appear a bit cold sometimes towards him. He's also careful with this, sometimes I really think if he really likes me or he's just friendly. But then I think that a guy can't call someone and tell she's beautiful just because he's trying to be friendly... Either way, I really want something to happen, it's complicated and I think this is the karma because I rejected so many guys in the past. 😁 Seriously, it's not just attraction, I'm really in love with him, and honestly I didn't thought we were going to be like this, it's like living a dream. How much attention should I give to him, without being needy or annoying? How should I act around him? Sometimes I get lost in the moment and become really quiet... 😊 Thank you! I appreciate your answers! Xx


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  • Why don't you try inviting him to a concert or to movies or something both of you would enjoy?