Girl popped into fb suggestions, used to have class with her about 2 years ago, never did anything more than nods or greetings, could I friend her?

Would it be weird to message her and maybe tell her I remember her from my class and ask her for her number and after talking for awhile ask maybe to go out for a cup of coffee? I mean that is how relationships form right? Would that be creepy? Would that freak a girl out? What if she doesn't remember because we didn't talk or anything just greetings she probably doeant remember, is that weird? Is that harassment?


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  • It is not harassment. Maybe just friend her first because that is no big deal but do not message her too. After she adds you then make sure she isn't seeing someone through her profile and then after a couple days send a message but just start with "Do you remember me from class? How have you been?" and take it from there. Do not add, message and ask her out all at once. Take your time with it.

    • Thank you for responding oh one more thing, would you be weirded out if a guy friend requests you from college who you never talked to, just nodded and said casual greetings? Almost 2 years later? Be honest.

    • No, not at all. I have had people I have talked to less request me. I don't really think that much about it. It is just FB, it is not that big of a deal. Or I have people I have met once look me and add me, I don't know how often you are on but haven't you gotten friend requests from random people that you don't know that well? Once you start messaging her then she will figure out why you added her though.

    • Well here's the the thing lol, I used to have Facebook when I was younger but I got rid of it, now I came back on and have added a lot of the people I know but was just curious about if it's weird you know, it's just a matter of ignorance on my part because Its been so long since I last had it and even when I was younger and had it, I was never on it you know, I'm pretty sure I will get strangers and I have had people that I don't even talk to maybe once friend me, so you right that has happened to me, I'm just scared because I always feel I freak girls out, this last girl I think I came on too strong and she never responded to me from my college class, I got her number from class and everything was going well, but like I said just came on too strong and forward asking her out and i don't want to make that same mistake you know, I hate that feeling of when you think a girl thinks you are a creep or freaked her out you know.

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  • I don't see how a message could harm anything. The worst she could do is reject you. But it's only a facebook message. Ask her to meet for a coffee or something low key like that. Then if you feel there's a chemistry you could try asking her on a date :)

    • Oh oh wait lol, so make small talk over Facebook and then ask for her number and then start testing her? Also it's okay if we never talked and I just greeted her, I mean we were in the same class etc, also when should I ask for coffee, when would you feel comfortable as a girl, after talking with a guy?

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  • just friend her if you really want too, it's just FB.

    • How would I go about inviting her to coffee or where do I go from there if i see we share the same interests etc? Do I ask her her number or just communicate through fab messaging?

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    • Got it, thank you bert, oh and one last thing, how long should I message her for before asking her out for coffee, should it be a week or it just depends on how well we both connect and pick up on chemistry?

    • how soon you two make plans to meet up will determine on how well you get along with each other, aka chemistry. if the chemistry is there then you both will be more comfortable with each other and it'll be way easier to just be like, "hey wanna grab some coffee this weekend?"

  • We can all bet on that she doesn't remember you at all 2 years is a long time so I say no.

    • I know it's been a long time but I just figured what harm it could do and if she asks just say she was in my class studying the same major and that she popped up in my friend suggestions you know. I mean the worst she could do Is ignore the friend request right.

    • Okay why not, but girls aren't known for having good memory's

    • Lol true, thanks for your input man, hopefully I get past her accepting my friend request if I can get that far.

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