Does he likes me?

He's a cool guy and I like him very much, but I am getting mixed signals, or this is what I think because I worry too much. He's friendly with everyone and we have a group of friends we always hang out and have fun. Somehow when there are all he is a bit more distant, but when we are alone he always begs me to stay more, gets upset when I leave earlier, gets closer to me, tells me stuff he wouldn't tell anyone, calls me beautiful, asks me to hang out and things like that. He calls me almost every day and texts me when it's needed. I dated his friend 1 month ago and I thought maybe that's the reason why he does his stuff in "secret". He's a great guy, I am sure of it, we have a lovely connection. I can't reaally make a move because I also feel for his friend and i don't wnt to be the selfish girl who cares just about her feelings. What should I do? I am really in love with him, I just wanna make sure he's feeling the same.


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  • I think he likes you as well.