Should I stop talking to my crush? Should I just move on?

I think my crush likes someone else but I'm not sure how serious they are. He's never mentioned other girls to me and he always tells me who he is texting. Should I just be his friend or just stop talking to him? How do I know how serious he is about her? I just don't want to be the other woman.


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  • I think you shoulkd just ask him if there are any chances that he and you are getting together someday... i dont think there is something wrong with that


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  • I think if he isn't showing much interest in you and going after you, then I would just be his friend. But, you might not be able to do that if you like him you will keep hoping something more happens. I am just saying that I would not sit around liking someone who does not seem to have mutual feelings. You did not necessarily say he doesn't but if you think he likes someone else then he probably doesn't. If this is true I would move on, at least for now, maybe he will grow some feelings or show interest in you at some point.

    • Well we haven't exchanged numbers yet but he seems happy to talk to me. He tells me things like who he is texting. I don't know why he would tell me if he didn't have some interest. But lately I've noticed exchange in messages with another girl on Twitter. They are flirty.

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    • Yes she is local. I know they hung out once from his Twitter account. But I think it's was a group of people hanging out. She is also a naturally flirty person with everyone one.

    • Well then who knows what is going on there. Does he show any further interest towards you though? There is no reason to stop talking to him if he hasn't said he is not interested. You can just ask him or you can just keep going the way it is and see if anything unfolds.

  • If you see that there isn't any hope in you and your 'Crush' getting Together, Then I would say he is Not... Serious about you.
    However, If you haven't tried to see how he feels Here, Dear, Then Begin your own Beguine Today to see if you need to either work on getting Closer Or... Be on your merry way.
    Good luck. xx

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