I can't choose between 2 guys. Can you help me figure things out?

I've known Guy#1 for about 5 months. Even a blind man could see that we shared mutual interest. We kinda sent each other mixed signals and our "frienship" has been a bit ambiguous since. He made a couple moves on me like leaning on me and purposely invading my personal space during a movie and let his hands wonder in my back. Every time we are at the same place, he always keeps an eye on me and seems to get jealous when another guy comes up to me. When I started dating someone back in March (not with him anymore), Guy#1 and I got a lot closer. We hung out a lot more, he was more caring that flirty, etc. I want to talk to him to sort things out and know what to think. I have a big preference for him, but something seems to be in the way of our conversations as if we had something to say to each other but we were holding back. I'm also afraid I would be misinterpreting his actions because he's giving some mixed signals and he acts like a player sometimes. Also, he befriended my ex (the guy from March) and became friends with Guy#2, about whom I'm going to talk about.
I've known Guy#2 for only a couple months. We are in the same soccer team and live in the same apartment complex, so we see each other a lot. We got quite close because of these factors. The only instances we would see each other would be for soccer practices and Latin dancing on Friday nights, but we now see each other on a daily basis (it's been a week). He treats me right and I do like him! The thing is... he's not the one I want to be with. I do enjoy his company and talking to him, but something is just not there. He is a lot more open to his feelings for me than Guy#1 is (if he actually does like me).
I feel like my priorities are not straight: Guy#2 is always there, and isn't hot and cold, while Guy#1 is. He disappears for a week or 2 but comes back as soon as he sees me getting close to another guy.
Do you have any tip I could use to help myself make the right choice for me?

My actual question is.. should I choose the person I want to be with (and, if we don't get together, work on getting over him) rather than the person I think is right for me?


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  • Guy 2 , not a fan of hot and cold.

  • Second one


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  • I would prefer guy 2.

    Cold guys are hard to handle tbh.
    They can be intensive sometimes. My previous boyfriend was like that , we liked each other initially.
    But after sometimes , i was the only one to put effort in our relationship.
    And it's ok , if u two don't share a common interest.
    My boyfriend is different than me , but we are still together.