Think girl likes me but worried about dealing with her gf's?

I had the feeling she had a thing for me as she'd appear really happy and excited when she saw me after having not seen me for a while. I've just had this impression she was into me when I had seen her over the years. I saw her again this weekend after having not seen her for a while and definity think she is interested ,
but her gf's are a serious issue , I've meet a lot of them in last couple years and not sure how'd they react to idea of me and her dating this summer. one of her gf's in the sister of another girl I was close to and dated in past (and she already caused a lot of trouble last year ) , some of the others I have seen at local bars and such , don't necessary get along with that well and had been attracted to in the past. I'm just not sure how I'd ever hang out with her and them at the same time. or how to get alone time with her , everytime I see her she's with her girlfriend;s
but I do think she wants to date me and just not sure how to go about it


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  • How long has it been since the last time you approached her?

    • I saw her and some of her gf's this weekend but hadn't seen her since last summer , have seen one of her gf's a few times since fall and winter though , one lives close to me and works at a pub I go to , she's the one who I'm most worried about and caused some issues in past

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